Episode 16: Understanding Emotional Baggage in Relationships

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Show Notes:

How do we go about creating change on an unconscious level? Perhaps you haven't quite harnessed the power of your unconscious mind and are curious to know what it is capable of achieving. What could harnessing that power bring to your relationship?

Call it what you like – the subconscious, unconscious, or even preconscious mind – Sharla and Robert are sharing how that part of ourselves simply wants more. And what we feed it is up to us. It can be knowledge and positivity, or it can be perpetuating negative belief systems that may stem from childhood wounds like abandonment.

And if we want to show up 'whole' for our partner and feel like we are part of a team in our marriage, we need to be brave enough to work through our baggage so that we don't trip over it! Our power lies in harnessing the conscious mind as the goal-setter, and the unconscious mind as the goal-getter.

There's much 'more' inside – for both your conscious and subconscious mind. Whatever you believe about your marriage is your marriage. Please join us.

"The unconscious mind is conditioned to continually want and desire and seek out more." ~ Sharla Snow

"Our unconscious mind seeks more (good or bad), but the question is: more of what?" ~ Robert Snow

In This Episode

  • Understanding Edward Bernays' "Engineering of Consent"

  • How are the parameters of our unconscious mind established?

  • Unpacking the abandonment wound and the consequences it can cause

  • Examining how life can become a confirmation of your bias

  • What do you truly believe about your marriage?

  • What could your relationship do with a positive belief system?

And so much more!