8-Week Online

Group Coaching

Are you interested in deepening your connection and increasing your capacity to love your partner? Would you like to eliminate toxic patterns, stop getting so triggered, or communicate with each other in a way that actually works?

Simply, Are You Ready to Transform Your Relationship?

You can create change in your relationship! You can learn proven tools to manage conflict, improve friendship and intimacy, and create shared meaning in your relationship.

In This 8-Week Group Coaching Mentorship Program,You Will Deepen Your Ability:

  • To observe and manage your emotional reactions and increase emotional intelligence

  • To navigate your own triggered emotions in the moment

  • To reduce toxic patterns like defensiveness, criticism, contempt and stonewalling

  • To shift your state when feeling a flood of negative emotions (especially during conflict)

  • To find beauty in learning how conflict strengthens your relationship

  • To process past regrettable incidents that are causing feelings of betrayal or resentment

  • To see your partner’s dreams within their strongly held positions

  • To compromise in a way that honors both partner’s values and dreams

  • To express your own feelings and needs through respectful communication

  • To build or rebuild trust

  • To improve intimacy and friendship

  • To appreciate your partner, shifting the mindset to a more positive perspective

  • To feel seen, heard and known by one another

  • To love and cherish one another in a way that your partner needs to be loved

  • To recognize and respond to one another’s need for connection

  • To discover your partner’s deeply held core values - and align them with yours

  • To create a system of meaning, through rituals and goal alignment


  • Complete our "Relationship Assessment" before we begin, to identify the strengths and challenge areas in your individual relationship. This is a fully HIPAA compliant online questionnaire.

  • Receive one orientation call before we begin the weekly zoom calls to review the results of your relationship assessment and obtain individualized tasking

  • Access to us via Zoom and Voxer (with Voxer business hours)

  • Attend LIVE mentoring Zoom calls - Weekly, we’ll meet to discuss how to apply the tools and explore strategies to navigate YOUR individual situations

    Zoom calls every Tuesday at 7pm MT, April 25-June 13, 2023.

  • Receive a copy of our digital book: The 8-Pillars of An Exceptional Marriage: The Secrets to Marriages that Last; course workbook also included

  • Receive individual private coaching sessions with us, as needed, at a discounted rate

"My husband and I have been mentored by Robert and Sharla, and since then have strengthened our marriage immensely - both individually and as a couple - we've reached huge goals and accomplishments in our personal lives and our businesses, as a result."

PRICE: $3,000

$1,500/per couple


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